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PhotobucketOne Year With HIM
Friday, 9 March 2012 | 05:29 | 0 comments
Salam blogies . Already 1 year being with Muhamad Aliff Haiqal . . He is the third that i love after GOD and my family . Dear , i hope that our relationship can be more longer than this . Forgive me because that i can't be the perfect girlfriend along our relay . Many assumption that we go through together but we try to get it more better when one of us concede . Dear , please remember all our deal . . Dear , even though that you think that im the bad girl in this world i wanna to tell you that i LOVE you so fuckin damn much and please dont let me go from you . 

Aliff , saya amat sayangkan awak walau pelbagai dugaan yang kita alami selama hubungan kita . Hati saya hanya untuk awak dan bukan untuk lelaki lain . Walaupun awak lelaki yang tidak seberapa , macam lelaki yang di luar sana , saya tetap pilih awak sebab hati saya teah terukir nama awak seorang sayang <3

Lots of LOVE ,